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Who We Are

Myoungsoo Song

Founder & CEO

Myoungsoo Song has led the establishment of the Korean office for Plug and Play, the global accelerator, and is leading its investments in fintech, insurtech and edutech with his extensive experience in finance and reinsurance field. He has worked globally, including his experience in Hong Kong and Singapore.
He is also the CEO of PEN Initiative, the ESG + Innovation education company, supporting sustainable growth and innovation of corporates and startups. He has advised and mentored startups to foray into the global market at the largest accelerating program in the public sector.
Myoungsoo Song has acquired B.A. in Business Administration at Korea University.

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Yoo Shin Jung


Before entering the world of academia in 2014, Professor Jung worked in the financial sector – specifically, the capital and venture capital markets – for 28 years. Beginning his career as an analyst at the Daewoo Economic Research Institute, he experienced many positions across a number of local and global financial companies including Director of the IB Division at Daewoo Securities, Vice President at Shinhan Financial Investment Corporation, CEO of Standard Chartered Securities Korea, and CEO of the Korea Venture Investment Corporation, a governmental agency.
Professor Jung received a B.A. in Economics from Seoul National University, M.A. in Economics from Sogang University, M.B.A. from Wharton School and Renmin University of China, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Kyonggi University.


Henry Sang


Henry Sang specializes in bringing new technologies out of the laboratory into early customer engagements through to product handoff. At HP, he was one of the lead representatives for executive briefings representing HP Labs. He worked directly with both sales and line of business groups and used a customer centric development process. He would lead multifaceted teams of researchers, product developers and customer engagement people to discover the real customer value propositions and provide a solution. He spent 31 years in industrial R&D Labs in fields and holds 20+ patents. During retirement, Henry continues to consult with a wide range of technology companies and coaches with accelerators and incubators.

Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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